Hip Control

Playing music that will get you out of control!

Hip Control is a 10-piece wedding/event band with great energy and a very personal, fresh sound. This band is formed by talented musicians who have been active in the NYC music scene for several years and got to know one another through working together on various projects and international tours with top-notch artists. They finally decided to team up and form a powerful, fun and innovative band that plays different styles and genres; from Latin music to rock, soul, funk, 70s, 80s & 90s classics as well as top 40 cover songs. This unique talent collective is comprised of a piano player, a guitarist, 3 incredible vocalists, a 3-piece horn section, and an excellent rhythm section. 

What makes Hip Control different from other bands? The diversity of its members coming from Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States results in an unparalleled combination of the most versatile and top of their field performers who love playing music together and seeing the dance floor come alive. Besides, there are no tracks or computers in this show; every note you hear is coming from a live instrument played by a real person. Seriously, this band will blow your mind playing any range of music, putting on the best party and getting those hips out of control!